Welcome to the Spiffy Network


What's new on the Spiffy Network?

Spiffy Network is always working on a new site idea or improving our existing sites. We are proud to present our latest website: Spiffy Covers. Spiffy Covers is a game and movie cover site where you are able to download a 3D view, front view and a full cover view if available. Our 3D covers are generated automatically once a user uploads a front or full cover. DVD covers are offered up as Blu-ray downloads as well. Before covers show up on the website, they must first go through a quality check by one of our admins.

If you want to provide a feed on your own website or just keep up to date on new covers that are available, don't forget to check out the Spiffy Covers RSS feed. This feed can be accessed on the sites support page or by clicking the RSS icon in your browsers URL field.

Who are we?

Spiffy Network was started up because we needed a site to bring all of our websites together in a single place that is easily accessible. With the start of Spiffy 360 Themes, Spiffy Covers and Spiffy Connect, we knew that these all had to be tied together somehow. With the introduction of Spiffy Network, this allows us to give other websites a chance to join in our website community and help other sites grow along with us. If you have a website with good content and would like to help drive traffic and get more users on your site, you can apply to be part of the Spiffy Network by contacting us today. We do our best to only include quality sites with quality content so when you are browsing the web and choose a Spiffy site, you know that the quality will always be top notch. Our affiliated sites try to provide a great user experience and are always open to comments and suggestions to help the sites become even better.