Who Are We?

Deak Phreak

Site Owner
Head Programmer
Deak Phreak has been doing programming for personal websites for about a year before taking on a job as a web developer. Since then he has been making Spiffy Sites non-stop and increasing the Spiffy Network site count as fast as possible. Throughout his time developing and working on many websites, he has come accross many friends online who have helped build up each website in the Network. Spiffy Network would not be what it is today without everyone's help along the way as well as the users who visit the sites and help drive traffic to them.
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Site Admin
Head Designer
Jsjar creates the look for each website and most of the themes that are available on most of the sites. He helps with images, design, beta testing and the occassional joke. After the first Spiffy Network site was started, "Spiffy 360 Xbox Themes", Jsjar was one of the first members of the site and instantly started to help Deak out with his needs by designing the site themes. Ever since then, he has become a real asset to Spiffy Network and has quickly climbed the ranking ladder to the top.
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